Jeffrey A. Kramer, Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

Jeffrey A Kramer (Jeff) is an experienced leader and executive with over 30 years of service in government agencies and private consultants leading design, construction and maintenance teams. Among his duties were the strategic, technical and administrative leadership of project and departmental teams ranging from a handful of staff to several hundred.

Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Arizona, became a licensed professional engineer, and added numerous professional certifications. As his career progressed it was evident he needed to become a leader, the one set of skills his degree, licenses and certifications didn’t provide.

Discovering John Maxwell’s leadership philosophy and resources, Jeff immersed himself in John’s teachings. This ignited a passion to help others become better leaders, so Jeff began teaching, speaking and mentoring.

He was humbled to be recognized by his peers with the American Academy of Certified Public Managers® Henning Award for outstanding contribution to leadership in public service, and their Leadership Award for outstanding leadership contribution to the organization. He was also named a Public Works Leadership Fellow by the American Public Works Association.

Still feeling called to do more; he became a certified member of the John Maxwell Team as a leadership and personal development coach, trainer and speaker and founded Ascension Leadership Group, LLC.  He later added certification as a Deeper Path coach as well.

With a strong leadership foundation gained through earning Scouting’s highest honor, Eagle Scout, and continuing through multiple leadership roles both professionally and on non-profit and professional organization boards of directors, Jeff now uses the lessons he has learned through his uniquely broad range of experience and John’s teachings to serve others in their leadership journey.

Sharon L. Kramer Chief Business Officer

Sharon Kramer has extensive business experience in the areas of graphic design, marketing, advertising, and insurance liability and claims.  She has held management and leadership positions in several companies, starting as a training coordinator at McDonalds, and continuing throughout her career including service to Solo Cup Company and Allstate Insurance, among others.

Sharon currently runs her own graphic design and marketing business in addition to her responsibilities as business manager for Ascension Leadership Group, LLC.  At ALG she is responsible for developing the company’s promotional, advertising and program materials as well as assisting with event coordination, and handling the company’s business activities.

Sharon earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Illinois.  Her commitment to growth and service has resulted in her certification as a senior claims law associate, and to actively providing service to non-profit and charitable organizations.

Dr. John C. Maxwell Mentor

John Maxwell is the world’s most sought after leadership expert today.  Having authored over 80 books on leadership with over 25 million copies sold, he is in high demand for speaking engagements worldwide, delivering his leadership message to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe each year. In 2011 John founded the John Maxwell Team, his legacy project, to develop leaders to carry on his teachings so that he can continue to add value to others in perpetuity.

The John Maxwell Team has created the most thorough leadership and coaching certification program in existence.  Delivered by leaders in their respective fields, the training includes over 300 hours of virtual classroom study, combined with teleconference training sessions, culminating in an intense certification seminar. This high quality program has resulted in a team of the most highly trained, thoroughly prepared coaches, speakers and trainers in the fields of leadership and personal development.

We are honored to be among these dedicated leadership coaches, trainers, and speakers located in over 100 countries around the world to be trained and certified by the John Maxwell Team, and to have John Maxwell as a personal mentor.