What do the world’s most successful executives, business owners, and athletes all have in common? They all have a coach to help them chart their course, live their dreams and be the best they can be.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an ongoing, supportive, collaborative relationship in which we work together to bring out the best in you. In a coaching relationship you draw answers from within yourself, making the learning more powerful as the growth comes from within you, not an external source.

If you are struggling to achieve the results you want, feel like you are stuck and not moving forward, or are missing out on your dream or sharing your gifts and talents with the world, then coaching may be right for you. Coaching can help transform your life by changing how you think about your business, community and life, moving you forward on your journey for powerful, measurable, lasting results.

What Can Coaching Do For You?

Coaching with Ascension Leadership Group, LLC may be a good option for you if you are open minded, action oriented, committed to your own growth and development, and are willing to do the necessary work to create results. When working with you as a coaching client, our number one objective is to help you reach your purpose, vision and goals. By working with us, our clients experience:

  • Greater understanding of your personal values
  • Identify and clarify your purpose and vision
  • Remove growth inhibiting limiting beliefs
  • Improved self-image, confidence and self-belief
  • Developing positive & productive habits
  • Higher levels of personal accountability
  • More effective decision making
  • Improved ability to connect and improve relationships
  • Increased leadership skills and ability to influence
  • Setting and achieving strategically defined goals

How is Coaching Different?

How does coaching differ from other personal growth methods? Coaching is a forward looking process that focuses on today and your future, moving you from your current state to an optimal state based on you and your solutions to your challenges.

Coaching is not therapy, counseling, mentoring or training. Therapy and counseling are backward looking, focusing on resolving past events that need resolution, often overcoming some form of dysfunction. Teaching and mentoring rely on someone else sharing their experience or knowledge with you, thereby relying on them to offer their solutions to your challenges.

Coaching Options We Offer

Ascension Leadership Group offers individual or group coaching designed to Equip, Encourage and Empower you to reach new heights in any area of life or business.  Whether your focus is on leadership, relationships, purpose and vision, or developing solutions to challenges you face, we have a coaching program right for you.

Individual Coaching

Are you looking for dedicated and focused time with a coach that can help guide you through what might be getting in your way of success? Private one-on-one coaching, conducted in person or via phone/video, is a great way to propel yourself forward to create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Individual coaching is private, one-on-one, and confidential. Together we create a plan that is a powerful way for you to gain clarity, expand your awareness, and achieve breakthrough results through a process that includes interaction, guidance and accountability.

Individual coaching achieves optimal results when the process extends long enough to allow the work to be done. To accomplish this, Ascending Leader coaching packages are offered in 3, 6 and 12 month durations. Each coaching package includes:

  • Bi-weekly private coaching calls, scheduled same day and time each call
  • Between call email and messaging support
  • Priority enrollment and VIP discounts for ALG workshops and events

Group Coaching

For some people the idea of working with a coach alone can be intimidating, or perhaps too time consuming for their situation. In other cases it’s more than an individual who wants the help a coaching relationship can provide, it’s a team.  In these cases, a group coaching engagement may be the right solution.

When working in a small group setting, having the entire group’s input in thinking magnifies the depth of the discussions and results in developing solutions that are above and beyond what an individual might create. The bond formed empowers each person to develop and shine in a safe environment that nurtures the group as a whole.

Group coaching for teams is similar in process to the individual coaching described above. Coaching packages are identical in duration and conducted similarly, as agreed upon by coach and client.

For individuals who prefer a group environment, the process involves joining a cohort in one of our coaching programs. Focus and duration vary by program, but each includes:

  • Small group coaching calls, scheduled same day and time each call
  • Between call email and messaging support
  • Membership in a private Facebook group exclusive to participants in our coaching programs
  • Priority enrollment and VIP discounts for ALG workshops and events

Request a Coaching Consultation

If you are interested in more information about any of our coaching packages, please contact us.