Are you living a life filled with Good Intentions,

Or are you Living Intentionally?

Presenting an opportunity to discover the fulfillment of living a life of meaning!

IL Cover

Intentional Living is more than a book launch, it is the launch of a movement, and the most ambitious project that John Maxwell has ever attempted.  With the release of John’s book Intentional Living John’s goal is to change the lives of 1,000,000 people and share their stories of transformation.  John has so much faith in this team, and is so committed to the message of Intentional Living, that he is investing in a multi-million dollar ad campaign that will reach hundreds of millions, introducing them to the rewards of living intentionally, and to the book itself, and inviting them to discover more on the Intentional Living website.

Ascension Leadership Group is proud to be a part of John’s Team and to support John in his mission.  I invite you to take a FREE Personal Assessment that leads to the 7-Day Experiment.  Both the assessment and the 7-Day Experiment are 100% free, and will help you experience some of the impact that Intentional Living can have on your life, inspiring interest in ways that deepen your experience of living intentionally.

When you complete the 7-Day Experiment you will be invited to engage in a more rewarding experience for 30 days. This 30-Day Journey will further enhance your Intentional Living experience. The 30-Day Journey package costs only $39 (plus shipping and handling), and includes the following:

  • A copy of the book Intentional Living
  • Daily video lessons from Dr. John C. Maxwell
  • A workbook that shares the techniques, strategies, and secrets of Intentional Living.

By participating in the daily assignments in both the 7-Day Experiment and the 30-Day Journey, you will build the habits of Intentional Living through small, significant acts of service.  You will also have opportunities to journal and share your stories of transformation.  As an added bonus from John, If you complete the 30-Day Journey and submit a story on the site, you will receive an invitation to a free 30-minute coaching call with a John Maxwell Team coach.

When you live intentionally

everything changes

In Intentional Living, John teaches us how to live a significant life.  A life where we are living our story 100%.  A life that maximizes opportunities and seizes the chance to make everyday a masterpiece.  The world needs Intentional Living, and this movement needs you! Help us on our quest to reach 1,000,000 stories of transformation.  Be a part of a movement that will change the world.  Participate now, and let’s see how many of those first 1,000,000 lives you can be a part of changing!