Upcoming Programs

Ascension Leadership Group, LLC is pleased to present these upcoming programs and events to advance your leadership and personal development:


 The Deeper Path Group Coaching Cohort

Become a Master in the Art of Living

Deeper Path ImageDo you feel like you’ve lost your way?  It’s possible you’ve just lost your why.  Get a GPS for your dreams and start living from your true potential.  To go higher you must first go Deeper. Time to get more clarity and become a Master in the Art of Living.

When you join a Deeper Path Cohort you will get clarity on the purpose for your life. Experience what it means to live from your passion and be fully alive.  Understand what it means to be an Ascending Leader.

In this powerful coaching program you receive ten (10) weeks of customized coaching in a small group, a comprehensive workbook, membership in our exclusive closed FaceBook community, and the accomplishment of authoring your OPUS – the masterpiece of your life!

For more information and to view the contents of the weekly coaching sessions and the workbook, visit the Deeper Path program page.  To register for this powerful program and receive the teleconference call-in information, select the DEEPER PATH button below: